Shape the World Summit 2019

Designing a More Equitable Economic System

20-21 June
National Design Centre

Organised by Consulus, CPG Consultants
Supporter: Design Singapore Council, Economy of Communion
Host Venue: National Design Centre

Eventbrite - Shape The World Summit 2019 - Designing a More Equitable Economic System


The clarion call from the World Economic Forum, APEC to Pope Francis is: there is an urgent need to reshape the socio and economic rules to enable participation and sustainability. Failure to do so will upend the stable global order that has sustained peaceful development, co-existence since the end
of the Cold War and usher in a period of narrow interests and extremism.

Pope Francis used strong words to call for change when he addressed a group of entrepreneurs in 2017: “we must work towards changing the rules of the game of the socio-economic system. Imitating the Good Samaritan of the Gospel is not enough.”

While the calls are loud and clear there has been little breakthrough on the approach. The usual economic instruments of free trade, methods of development, shared global standards, technological advancement have made little headway in recent times to enable inclusion. As we enter in the age of the 4th Industrial revolution, it is timely to consider a new approach to the issues of our time.

This is where design thinking as an approach can be useful. It started as an approach to shape better user experiences and in recent times it has been applied in social innovation. As a method that is human-centered, with its emphasis on empathy, relationships, it has the potential to unite stakeholders
to think different at a systemic level.

In this context, Shape the World Summit 2019 will convene over 300 diverse stakeholders at the National Design Centre from 20-21st June in Singapore. From politicians, civil service, business leaders, religious, education, domain experts, victims of economic disruption, youth. Participants will come from
US, Italy, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, in total about 16 countries will be represented. With the partnership of Design Singapore Council, the lead national agency of the Singapore Government for Design, the summit will use design thinking approach to gather the thoughts of
different stakeholders to propose a method for every person in the economic system on how they can each contribute to shaping a more equitable economy. This toolkit which will be titled: Imagine a world will be distributed as an Ebook after the event.

The summit will build on Shape the World conference’s expertise in drawing diverse stakeholders across the spectrum of society unlike other high-level conferences where only celebrities will get the chance to share their ideas. By bringing together a panel of prominent leaders with a youth or a migrant, we help to bring about a more representative and relevant perspectives. We invite you to come and join us to design a creative method, one that can inspire all stakeholders to shape a more equitable economic system.


The two-day summit will adopt the following 4-frames method (Frame, condition, engagement, takeaway). The morning plenary sessions will identify issues, user-needs, identify conditions for new ways of intervention, and what should be the ideal takeaway for a design thinking brief.

Then afternoon sessions will consists of design labs to engage participants in design thinking process to define the possible approaches on the issues discussed in the morning. The method for the design labs be based on 6 design challenges based around Economy, leadership, business, urban development, leaders and education with diverse participants from public and private sectors.


Day 1: Economic System and Leadership Transformation
Morning Plenary Session 0930 – 1230
Track 1 – Imagine a more Equitable Economy
Track 2 – Imagine Inclusive Leadership
Track 3 – Imagine Inclusive Business
Afternoon Design Labs from 1400 – 1800 for Economy, Leadership and Business
Day 1 Networking Night: Presentation: What is the Economy of
Communion: history, model, network.

Day 2: Urban Environment, Education and Silver Generation
Morning Plenary Session:
Track 4 – Imagine Inclusive Cities and Villages
Track 5 – Imagine an Inclusive Future for Silver Generation
Track 6 – Imagine an Education model that shapes inclusive solutions
Afternoon Design Labs from 1400 – 1800 for Cities, Silver Generation and Education
Day 2 Evening Gala Dinner – Presentation of initial framework on
Imagine a World and conclusion of Summit


Politicians, civil-service, business leaders, religious, education, domain experts, victims of economic disruption, youth.


Eventbrite - Shape The World Summit 2019 - Designing a More Equitable Economic System